EOSio Voting Proxy

EOS: HodlEOSvoter | Telos: HodlTELOSpro | WAX: HodlWAXiopro


HodlEOS does the research on which block producers to vote for.  No need for you to waste hours sifting through the hundreds of BPs


HodlEOS casts the votes for the community based on our block producer criteria 


HodlEOS refreshs the votes cast at a minimum once every month to reset the vote decay


YOU control your EOS!  When you set HodlEOS as your voting proxy all you are doing is telling the EOS network to put your vote behind the BPs HodlEOS votes for


Vote For Block Producers That Will Bring The Most Value To EOS And EOS Token Holders

The purpose behind HodlEOS voting proxy is to vote for the best EOS block producers that bring value to EOS and EOS token holders for the success of EOS over the short and long term.  HodlEOS will only vote for BPs that add value to the community and token holders.  BPs that are in it just for the money WILL NOT get out vote!
We are EOS holders. We are HodlEOS!








Block Producer Factors Considered

– Community engagement and contributions
– Creation of software tools and resources
– Plans for re-investing rewards / reward distribution
– Infrastructure and technology
– Team and Experience
– Geographic diversity

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